Beaumont Society for the Arts

Handcrafted & Visual Arts, Dance, Music, and Theatre in Beaumont, Alberta, Canada

The Beaumont Society for the Arts is a community-based not-for-profit organization committed to advancing excellence in the promotion, practice, and appreciation of the Arts, in all its forms, inclusive of every Beaumontais desiring to participate.

The mission of the Beaumont Society for the Arts includes:

  • Ongoing advocacy in support of artists, artistic expression and appreciation of the arts generally, to build community spirit and enhance the character and reputation of Beaumont and its people

   • The establishment of a physical facility within Beaumont that will serve as a centre, a home, for artistic endeavour and expression in Beaumont

The BSA has created a financial aid and scholarship program for the youth of Beaumont, Alberta, Canada. Click on the links below to apply or nominate a student for funding for their arts education.